How can I manage my team with Staffing reports?

High-level reporting on your Team's utilization and workload.

The Staffing tab provides high-level reporting on your Team's utilization. With Staffing you can see your Teammates' workload and you can view how many Events and Tasks they've been assigned over a calendar view. 

To access the Staffing tab, navigate to Team Reports & Settings by clicking the gear icon next to a Team's name in the sidebar and then into the Staffing tab. Note that you must be a Team Member to access the Staffing tab.

The Staffing tab's default view is a heatmap chart: 

  • All Teammates are displayed on the left axis.
  • Assigned Tasks over time are displayed the top axis.
  • Each Teammate has their own row showing the number of Tasks due on a given day.
  • Only Tasks with Due Dates appear in the heatmap view.
  • The count is visualized as a number and a shade of green - the darker the green, the more Tasks due on that day.

The Staffing List View shows total counts for all events and open, completed and total Tasks, as well as the completion status in percentage for all Tasks for all Teammates. 

  • Use the date range filter (which defaults to the upcoming month) to view a more specific time period.
  • Click on a Teammate's name to see their individual view, which includes filters for events, Tags, Status and date range.

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