How do I capture Leads from business cards?

Lead capture is easy with the EventGeek mobile app -- Simply snap a photo of a business card and EventGeek does the rest.

The EventGeek iOS or Android mobile app gives you the ability to scan business cards and automatically create Contacts. Without the app, you can upload business cards directly into the Leads Inbox to create Contacts.

Using the EventGeek mobile app to scan business cards

When using the EventGeek mobile app for iPhone or Android, you can click the camera icon in the lower right corner of the app to scan business cards. 

After taking a picture of the business card you can confirm or update the Event and add Contact Notes.

Automatic transcribing

Once your card has finished uploading to the Leads Inbox, we'll transcribe it, usually within five minutes or less. You will see a Processing Status during this time. When the card processing is complete, the Leads Inbox automatically creates a new Contact.

EventGeek uses Optical Image Recognition (OCR) scanning software and a Quality Assurance (QA) team of real people to double-check the transcription and ensure the highest accuracy. Leads Inbox currently only supports business cards and notes that are in English.

Automatic Event-matching

The Leads Inbox will automatically add newly scanned Contacts to the appropriate Event, based on who scanned the business card and when. These data points are matched with Event Staff and event start and end dates.

If Leads Inbox cannot decipher the correct event for a business card, such as when an Event Staff member attends more than one event on the same day, Leads Inbox will offer suggested events.

Uploading business cards directly into the Leads Inbox

The Team Inbox also makes it easy to upload business cards directly into EventGeek without needing to scan using the mobile app. Simply navigate into Team Inbox > Leads and click the blue "Upload Business Cards" button.

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