What are CRM Campaigns and why should I use them for events?

EventGeek provides a Salesforce CRM integration so that you can connect your EventGeek Events with Salesforce Campaigns.

EventGeek allows you to connect Salesforce Campaigns with Events, allowing you to track Event Info, Contacts, and Meetings across all of your Campaigns. 

Salesforce Campaigns Overview

Salesforce Campaigns serve as the basis for tracking any kind of marketing ROI in Salesforce by allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

  • With Salesforce Campaigns you can define your goal, which for events might be lead generation.
  • Campaigns can also be categorized for data reporting. For example, you can use them to analyze whether trade shows or conference sponsorships are giving you a better ROI.

Campaigns vs Lead Source

We recommend connecting Leads and Contacts to Campaigns in Salesforce rather than using the Lead Source field attached to Salesforce Contacts for the following reasons: 

  • Lead Source is misleading. As a single field, it can only represent one "touch" in the sales process, but most sales processes are multi-touch.
  • As a picklist, Lead Source becomes difficult to manage when it has more than a few high level values.
  • Contacts can be associated with multiple Campaigns to show their full history of interactions with your company.

Campaign Influence and Reporting

Campaign Influence and Reporting are automated Salesforce tools that show the influence of Campaigns on Opportunities, as well as data that allows the marketing team to see the effectiveness of Campaigns.

This means that by connecting EventGeek events with Campaigns, you can give your Events credit for driving Leads and Meetings that can lead to closed Opportunities, allowing you to directly track Event ROI.

EventGeek Campaign sync capabilities

By connecting Salesforce Campaigns with EventGeek events, you can:

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